Recycled denim quilts from Julie Floersch

Julie Floersch makes geometric quilt jewelry and 3D interior pieces (pillows, curtains) from recycled denim. Here´s how she describes her work: "By using a rigorous critical approach, I attempt to explore, push and redefine the language of quilting. Various techniques of pleating are incorporated into complex geometric repetitions, giving them a slightly raised, subtle third dimension. These intricate patterns are then assiduously interwoven, thus reshaping the concept of quilt making as a purely 2-dimensional art form of tessellated flat planes. Though my critical approach is forward thinking, a traditional and historic aspect still remains through the use of natural materials and an insistence on age old hand craft. Once the meticulous process of reflecting, rotating, and folding the pattern has been achieved, it starts anew with the process of hand sewing each piece to completion." You can find more pictures of her work from Flickr. Also check out this tutorial on shredding denim from Daily Candy and her interview at The Cut.

Found via Bits and Bobbins.

Outi Les Pyy

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