White stripes

OutsaPop shredded tank top Hanna 1
OutsaPop shredded tank top Hanna 2

Hanna wearing my blue/white striped shredded secondhand Navy tank top. :)

If you want one for yourself, they are available in my Etsy Shop or you can contact me directly via e-mail for custom orders. If you want to see them live and learn how they are done, I will be selling and making these at the Fashion Fleamarket at Ravintola Rafla in Helsinki next Sathurday May 29th. The sales starts at 12 and ends at 16. Come come, Helsinki fashion cream (Kirsi Nisonen, Minttu Vesala, Henna Koskinen, Piian Nokelainen, Jenny Jansson, Pipsa Hurmerinta, Emma Paaer, Anna Storm, Marianna Schmandt, Hanna Gullichsen...) will be there with tables filled with stylish secondhand and vintage treasures. Fashion Fleamarket is "cash only" event.

Photos by Hanna Gullichsen.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. What a great top! I want it! :)
    Cheers from Buenos Aires!

  2. Can't wait to get mine. ;)

  3. I love these shirts! I know it's a while back, but I'd like to thank you for posting a tutorial on how to make these shirts. I made one and it looks FABULOUS! Thank you so much :D

    P.S. The stripes look fantastic.


  4. u made my day :-D i'm now part of the helsinki fashion cream!!!

  5. Hey cool blog!
    Please visit my blog and tell me what you think about. I hope you'll be one of my followers.
    Bye LB


  6. I made my own shredded t-shirt yesterday and it looks great! I especially like the fact that the texture looks somehow organic.

    Thank you for your awesome blog. I enjoy making things myself and I come here really often to browse older posts to get new ideas. So far I´ve made a body chain and a dress made of two t-shirts inspired by your blog.

  7. Oh, I forgot to my question: How do you wash shredded clothes? Do they continue unraveling in the washing machine? I´m thinking of either washing my new shirt by hand or putting it inside a pillow case before washing it in the machine.