Cut. Works.

Rodarte SS2010 cutout zip jeans 4

Yeah, nothing seems boring or old fashioned anymore when the Rodarte girls get their hands on it. Cutwork embroidery, anyone? These pants have been decorated with it! Cutwork embroidery is a beautiful and classic form of needlework where portions of the background fabric are cut away and discarded, after the edges worked over in buttonhole stitches (or with dence machine zig zag stitch). See tutorials here and here. Rodarte might not do a very complex design, as their cutouts are just a few random holes, but the technique is still the same. For the complete Rodarte reptile zipper pant look, make a simple stencil on reptile skin (save and print the stencil below) and fabric paint it to the leg tone-on-tone before cutouts. Add 4 zippers to the hip. Not for function, but the look.

Rodarte SS2010 cutout zip jeans 2
Rodarte SS2010 cutout zip jeans 3
Rodarte SS2010 cutout zip jeans 1

Stencil for printing snake skin.

Snake skin stencil fabric printing

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Oooh, amazing. This would be such a simple thing to do, and an awesome addition to my summer-clothes-closet. Thanks!

  2. Oh, I absolutely LOVE this idea! What a great, simple project that will take up a glorious afternoon.

  3. OK I get it how to complete the embroidery part, but how to paint the fabric using this stencil? What kind of technique should be used to make that snake skin effect?

  4. love this pants
    but I think it's kinda difficult to make , isn't it?

    Successful Failure

  5. I have a silly fascination for making tights, so this warms my DIY-heart, so do you - always! Still loving your blog, keep up the good work!

  6. amazing ...i wonder how to DIY;)

  7. Amazing pants- they rock!

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