Union jack cover story

melanie porter union jack knit cover chair

I adore union jack as a pattern. It is a bold pattern, with my favorite colors and is easy to make yourself for many different diy projects as it constructs from straight lines. I saw these at Antikabaree today, and it is fabulous. A chair covered with soft chunky knitwears cut and sewn in union jack. iWant. Note, that this pattern also works in other colors as well, so if tricolori ain´t your thing you can make it in any color you like. I wold propably go for shades of gray. Maybe this is my next knitwear recon project for next fall.. A big cape knit jacket in union jack.. These chairs are handknitted by interior artist Melanie Porter. Her works are beautiful handcrafted art, but still very inspirational for us regular diy folk.

melanie porter union jack knitted chair cover
melanie porter union jack knitwear pillow cover
melanie porter union jack chair cover pillow

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. i, sitting above my now-quite-sad-looking union jack rug, really dig these. particularly the first.

  2. Love~! Thanks for always finding such inspirational stuff. You rock, Outi!

  3. I love these, love anything with the union flag on (it's only a jack when it's on a ship=p) but those chairs kick ass!

  4. It's one of my dreams to make a bisaya short film with a wing chair featured. This one provides for a boost of inspiration.

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