Sustainable fruit and vegetable grosery bags

More and more cities have banned plastic bags in super markets and shopping malls. Still waiting for your hometown to follow suit? Do your part by implementing your own personal bag ban: Stock up on reusable shopping bags. The most enviromental way is to sew your own from recycled materials like curtains, denim or old bed linens. Avoid leaving stores with new bags at all costs, and find a way to re-use the ones that have made their way into your home. Taking your own tote shopper with you gives you something to carry your shopping home, but what to do with those small vegetable and fruit bags? You have to pack your veggies somewhere to weigh them! A few Etsy sellers have an exellent alternative - tulle fruitbags. The see-through material means the cashier can read the barcode, and the bags can easily be washed and reused. A few dollars gets you a variety of sizes and colors from and I have bought mine already. I hope you too. To be honest I think this product is an exellent new item that not many recycle brands have realized (Globe Hope, hellooouuu) and just keep making tote bags... These are faster to produce, require less material and have basically zero competition in this item category. Anyone with the business savvy to make and sell these reusable fruit bags to your local market chains veggie department would make a fortune...

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I really like these, especially because with the right fabric I should be able to make them myself. :-)

  2. tässä kuussa taitaa tulla marketteihin punaisen ristin kestohedelmäpusseja.

    itse ajattelin kuitenkin surauttaa itse muutaman kassin ihan valoverhosta.

  3. found another place:

    and check this out:

  4. Onya bags sell them too, and they are superlight!

  5. GREAT idea! Here in San Diego, we also have some loosely-woven / macrame-type of bags for fruits, but the tulle ones are much easier to make.