Asos launches online vintage and used clothing swap

ASOS Reclaimed collection army hot pants

U.K. fashion retailer ASOS has plans for a new sustainable fashion concept: Allowing customers to trade and sell their used clothing! Nick Robertson, chief executive, said the move was the latest by Asos to provide its customers with the sorts of clothes they typically already had in their wardrobes, from high street staples to designer labels and vintage fashion. “We have 7.5m fashion-loving customers coming to the Asos website every month and I want them to be able to recycle their wardrobes among each other,” he said. The exception: Luxury goods will be excluded due to the high counterfeiting risk (smart). The program will debut later this year to tap into the growing eco-conscious market. Asos is known for its affordable yet stylish house brand of clothes (like the lace minidress shown here, which retails for £18 and yes, shipping is available internationally), as well as a few upper-crust offerings by brands like See By Chloé, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and McQ by Alexander McQueen. This initiative will mark the company’s first foray into the eco-sphere. I´m loving this concept and hoping to see more fashion brands and online shops join in with similar services!

Photos from their army themed ASOS RECLAIMED collection. Although I´m not exactly sure have they really done anything to these clothes (reclaimed usually refers to some level of refashioning to the garment), but bought them from an army surplus store and re-selling them online. In any case I still like it. Army surplus stores have loads of stuff that could be resold in fashion shops as regular trend fashion. I just prefer to shop directly there as the prices are a fraction to the online fashion shop prices.

Via Ethical Style.

ASOS Reclaimed collection dutch army shirt
ASOS Reclaimed collection army tool bag
ASOS Reclaimed collection army parka jacket

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