Diesel Craft Rebels

DieselPreviewFW10Female08still s

Diesel´s Fall 2010 Preview collection is titled Craft Rebels. Loving the name, but what about my favorite piece in this collection? These denim microshorts WITH garters. Way cooler than the ones with out garters. And, they are very easy to make yourself! So take your old worn down jeans, crop the legs off, fold them twice and sew two garter clips onto the pocket bottoms.


Outi Les Pyy

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  1. The coolest idea I've ever seen!

  2. Great idea! Although I dunno how easy neon is to find....

  3. I´m sure this will look just as awsome with light blue jean shorts and nude garters or dark shorts and balck garters.

  4. Oi!! Pakko tuunata tollaset! xxx

  5. I am in LOVE with those shorts! I have a pair of flare jeans that I've kept because they make my butt look good (but that's about it), and I think you've just shown me what I need to do with them...