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My Etsy shop is finally open!! Fashionably late of course.. Took me like two years to have it done. I will be posting new items every day with in the next weeks. Mostly shredded secondhand Marimekko, army and band t-shirts, but also some lego bow-ties and other stuff. The whole collection can already be viewed from my Etsy shop Flickr gallery. Setting up my shop has been a hassle and I´m sure there´s till loads to learn so if you have any questions or querys about the items, shipping or what ever, send me mail.

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OutsaPop Trashion Shredded cob web Marimekko stripe jersey t-shirt - brown black
OutsaPop Trashion Shredded cob web Marimekko stripe jersey t-shirt - beige black
OutsaPop Trashion Shredded cob web Marimekko stripe jersey t-shirt - red rust
OutsaPop Trashion Shredded cob web stripe jersey top - white navy

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Welcome to Etsy. And so funny, yesterday I found here DIY for shredding. And I immediately started shredding my tees, one top is almost ready, I'm not yet as good as you are, not even close. And I was going to make post about this next week, but good, now I can also introduce your new shop! I just so love your stuff. :)

  2. These tops are amazing

    Just came across your blog. It is lovely!


  3. apua, ma toivon etta toi pinkki/punaraitanen ei mene kaupaks ennen perjantaina koska menee sillon ku mulla on palkkapaiva :)

  4. great! I'll def recommend you for my next etsy post!

  5. wonderful. if I can get my hands on an extra hundred bucks, I will definitely be sending it your way... love the reddish one.


  6. finally gave it a try! the more i pull on it the more i love but i have a picture of it on my blog. not the final result but almost there! thanks for the inspiration!!


  7. Yritin löytää sut Kierrätystehtaalta, jossa olisit opettanut tätä shreddingiä, mutta etsintä oli toivotonta. Mahdotonta. Nyt jos sulla on joku linkki, jonka kautta tätä voisi netti-opiskella, pistä ihmeessä näkyviin. Kiitos hyvästä blogista!

  8. Congrats, Outi! I wish you lots of success.

  9. Wow, just after posting about my own attempt at a shredded tshirt, only now can I appreciate the amount of work involved in such a project, your tee's a great!!!

  10. I'm so excited about your shop!! It's great to be able to purchase something from you. I especially love the green piece! Can you share the size and price of that one? Thanks!!!

  11. Wooww!! Yours tees are really cool! craving for the striped one..

  12. Awesome! I hope you sell everything...you deserve it! Good luck :D