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shredded-tshirt OAK

This question was from Allosaurusmeat at Flickr: "These (my shredded tees) are beautiful. Are you pulling them all by hand (and I literally mean sitting there with your fingers pulling these apart)? Or do you use any tools to aid the process? I viewed a video on shredding and they were just pulling, but I'm finding that I'm just tearing strings completely off and it's very slow going."

OUTSAPOP: It is done all by hand, pulled, but it´s not threads you´re pulling but LOOPS. Jersey is a lightweight knit so it is formed from small loops. If you take one loop from the bottom and pull that, the knit will start unraveling from each side. Unravel a complite layer from the whole bottom first. Then take one loop at a time, less than your fingers width from each other and start unraveling. It is easier to work the two sides first in sections and then the middle. For tools you´ll need maybe just one needle to aid you in getting a hold of the small loops. Don´t loose the loops you´ve chosen. They are the ones keeping the whole shredded part together from botom to top.

Try not to pull too hard or your thread will rip (not a katastrophy, but it´s annoying and will leave a  small hole). I´ve noticed that some thinner t-shirts are very hard to shredd as the thread is so weak it does not bare pulling. I don´t do them if this is the case. I use only secondhand t-shirts and thicker jersey tees. They need to be a smooth surfaced 1x1 knit, 100% cotton. Rib knits and jersey with elastane is not good as the rubber fibre makes unravelling really slow and enfuriating.

I still have many other shredded Maremekko shirt colors coming in to my Etsy shop! I will post more this weekend. Also I´m making some more in all black from secondhand band t-shirts (Iron Maiden, Metallica, Madonna, HIM ect.). The print is in front and whole back shredded). They should be posted also sometime next week.

Photos, shredded shirts by Raquel Allegra, OAK and me (blue/white worn by Vesa Silver).

shredded-tshirt Raquel Allegra 1
shredded-tshirt Vesa Silver

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Thank you so much. This is phenomenal. Your shirts (really, all your work) are a dream.