tulip wrap skirt

After you´ve been sewing for a few years, moving up to pattern alternation is one of the next steps in DIY fashion. With that you are able to make ja refashion better fitting clothes, but also use just a few basic clothing patterns to make loads of variations from one style.

Tulip skirts hit the runways last summer, but they have stayed on the racks since then. They are very similar to pencil skirts except for two main differences. They’re wider in the hips and are often a couple inches shorter. Tulip skirts cinch at the waist, balloon out at the hips due to pleats or ruching and then taper back down to the legs. They are usually hemmed a few inches above the knees. Bodywise tulip shaped skirts are exellent for women with a straighter figure and thin/medium build as they add volume to the hips. The balloon in the hips is also very forgiving for those who have wider hips or extra weight in the lower stomach. However, the style should still be loose in that area. If you pleat also the back, this skirt type will give the impression of a fuller bum. Pair tulip skirts with a short waisted top or a thin knit top that you can tuck into the skirt. The pleating and unique style of the skirt should not be covered. Layering a cropped cardigan or blazer over a tight fitting top is fine, but keep it unbuttoned to prevent bulk and allow the style to be seen. To elongate the appearance of your legs, wear heels. For a girly look, wear flat gladiator sandals or ballerinas.

Tulip skirt dress Opening Ceremony:

Tulip dress 1
Tulip dress 5
Tulip dress 4
Tulip dress 6

Tulip skirt pattern alternation from a pencil skirt pattern by Megan Nielsen and at Burda Style:

Tulip skirts by Linus Stella Lee

Tulip skirt pattern alternation tutorial Megan Nielsen 4
Tulip skirt pattern alternation tutorial Megan Nielsen 5
Tulip skirt pattern alternation tutorial Megan Nielsen 6

Tulip skirt with vertical pleats:

tulip skirt pattern pieces

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. i love how easy it is to get away with good deep pockets in a tulip skirt - so few skirts can accomodate them...

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  4. I made a similar looking pattern for a client last year and have been tweaking the look ever since! Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  5. I am trying to a skirt like this http://www.luxodo.com/en/unrath-und-strano-online-shop/kleidung-roecke/drape-rock-2090.html But I dont know how to figure out the pattern, or maybe its not a pattern that you can figure it our by starting from the basic pencil skirt ???? HELP

  6. This is what you need. http://mccallpattern.mccall.com/m6439-products-14886.php?page_id=517 But the skirt cannot be made fron an existing pencil skirt, as the front does not have enough fabric.

  7. BUT, is can be made from a rectangle piece, like a household textile :)