DIY Fendi wrap heels

Fendi wrap heels shoes SS2010

I told you those Fendi wrap-up heels looked like a pair of pantyhose was put to a better use! DIY by P.S. I Made This. Inspiration Fendi Summer 2010 runway heels. Oh.. and do me a favor and don´t go out buying a new pair of pantyhose for this project. We all have old ones in our closets that have a few holes in them. They are perfect for stuff like this. And nude ain´t the only color you can try. Black is always a good and easy-to-style alternative.

Fendi DIY wrap heels shoes SS2010 by PS I MADE THIS
Fendi DIY wrap heels shoes SS2010 by PS I MADE THIS inspiration

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. i think your ones look 100% better than the fendi ones! xx

  2. Wow, This looks gorgeous. Definitely going to try this out once I get a fair of simple looking heels.

  3. Oh! it's lovely and so easy! I love shoes and it's the only thing I can't make on my own (I'm sewing and makeing jewellery), so I'm buying second-hand ones and remaking them. To sum up: More shoes DIY! Thank you outsapop for inspiring photos.

  4. She is too cool. Absolutely die for her DIYs.


  5. Wow! So simple and pretty! I'm going to repost on my blog! :D ..Lovely!

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  7. That's a neat idea for pantyhose recycling. I've seen dresses made of pantyhose before. This is a nice touch.

    I actually run a blog on hosiery.