Roman Legionare

Prada FW2010 Centurion dress by markus pritzi

Every now and then I find stuff from my inspiration folders that I´ve missed to post in the time they were discovered. Prada Fall 2009 Roman centurion leather dresses and legion skirts were one of these. These armour like pieces were boldly embellished with studs and have a bold modern warrior feel to them. Even though this collection is now a year and a half old, I still find these pieces beautiful and inspirational.

The trashion version would be to find secondhand leather clothes, remove the lining and cut the hem to 2 inch (5cm) wide slits/fringes. Spaypaint some studs black and sand them for a more worn look. Cut VHS tape to pieces and hand sew some on as black shiny sequins.

Prada FW2010 Centurion dress
Prada FW2010 Centurion dress 5

This vest (top image) could be made by refashioning a long leather jacket (that does not have any patch pockets):
- Remove lining
- Cut the sleeves out
- Fold and glue the sleeve openings with leather/textile glue
- Cut out mid front (buttons area), leave raw edge
- Spaypaint some studs, sand them
- Cut slits to front hem
- Attach studs and hand sew VHS tape on

Prada FW2010 Centurion skirt 3

Prada FW2010 Centurion dress 3
Prada FW2010 Centurion skirt

Leather fringe mohegan decorated shoes.

Prada FW2010 mohegan fringe shoes
Prada FW2010 mohegan fringe shoes 2

Photos via Fashionologie and

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. beautiful skirt there, love the first pic.

  2. This was one of my favourite Prada collections...

  3. funny, I've also been looking at this collection a lot in the last two weeks. I want to do something like this for fall - heavy, with leather and studs. But I might go for something more "medieval," I don't know yet. THat jacket is perfection, thanks for the inspiration!

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