Floral boxer

Underwear shorts floral

The one thing I´m missing about the 90´s is girls wearing boxer shorts. They were super comfortable to wear at home and looked much cuter than sweatpants. Now, after 15 years those girly boxer knickers are back. These are from Planet Blue for 68$, but I would not buy them as the pattern is killer simple and very easy to make yourself. The front and back pieces are almost identical (back slightly wider than front) and the pattern can be copied from for example shortening and unraveling an old pair of pyjama pants. For fabric you can use secondhand mens shirts, viscose skirts anything light weight natural fibres. You can also use jersey from old t-shirts (old jersey neds no hemming). If you make them from lightweight denim shirts, they can easily be worn also outside as summer shorts. The waist band can be sewn with several layers of elastic thread as bobbin thread as in these Planet Blue knickers or with a single elastic band. I´ll see if I can manage a full tutorial for you later this week...

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I would love a tutorial! Awesome! And so true-how comfy those 90's girl boxers were!

  2. I would love a tutorial also, these shorts are my summer 2010 must-haves!