I´ll name her Marlene..

The Black Apple art prints at Etsy

Etsy is such a wonderfull place to shop. I´m moving this weekend and I´ve spent much time finding new stuff for my new flat. I´m not much of an Ikea fan.. I want my stuff to be either handmade, secondhand or just old and have soul. This one arrived today, a handpainted Art Deco mannequin hat stand by Sharon Sherrod. Can´t wait to get her into my new place and dress her up pretty. I´ve also purchased loads of art works and vintage items. I just wish this moving phase would be over soon and the decoration could begin... If hell exists, I´m sure they have ne room reserved for packing and moving boxes.

Sharon Sherrod handpainted Art Deco mannequin

RiffRaffRosie Louise Brooks vintage photo and frame

Photo of 20´s film star Louise Brooks and frame at RiffRaffRosie. Top image: Art print by The Black Apple. I´s called "Two of a kind".

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I am confounded by the number of people who don't like your posts, do they not see the beauty?

  2. Michelle, I asked them the same thing a while ago... Many replied that they just did not feel that this project or item was suitable for their personal style or taste. Nobody commented my writings negatively.

    Also I have thousands of readers daily, so if three or five did not feel the post was for them, I don´t mind! As long as readers keep coming back here I´m happy :)