The Fashion Totem

The Fashion Totem illustration 4
The Fashion Totem illustration 1
The Fashion Totem illustration 2
The Fashion Totem illustration 3

Two fashion students TINE WINTHER and TRINE KRISTOFFERSEN aka The Fashion Totem, from the Danish Designschool draw the funnies fashion sketches, with celebrity heads.

If your hand isn´t so steady for freehand drawing, use these readymade sketch figures by Hokey Croquis. Via bobbintalk and wefindwildness.

fashion drawing readymade sketch pads 1
fashion drawing readymade sketch pads 2
fashion drawing readymade sketch pads 3

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Oh, wow, I love these sketches from fashion totem! So fun!

  2. That sketch book page looks great, i like how the samples are in a strip down 1 side. Great designers
    Rianna Bethany

  3. very cool ! I love your blog i'm always so inspired