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Grauwal syntetic hair braided necklet 3

Necklaces and bracelets made from hair by Grau Wal. Anna Rybakov and Eve Cahill are two New York based designers who synthetic hair and metal and experiment constantly with other organic materials like ropes, fabrics, and dyes. The softness of the hair is exaggerated by the harder metal elements which really gives each piece its own edge.

Grauwal syntetic hair braided necklet 4
Grauwal syntetic hair braided necklet 2

Here´s a styling tip on how to wear them, if you´re into military details, as shown at Nom de Guerre Spring Summer 2010 lookbook. Doesn´t a basic fitted plaid shirt or jacket just look superb after some hair has been added to it. This way also men can wear next springs biggest hair trend, braids! :P Hair is the new feathers you know.. And if fake locks are too much you can braid something else and wear it on your shoulder! Via NotCouture and Vectroave.


Outi Les Pyy

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  1. This is eerie. I've been experimenting with military fashion and those braids in particular, very recently. Thanks for the inspiration!