Kissed by a trashionista


Old suit jacket or skirt refashioned with cutting lip-shaped openings and decorating them with ruffle trim. This will work only stronger materials like leather and thick wool as when the lip centres are cut open the surrounding fabric has to still hold the garment in shape.

How to make this:
1. Take your suit with you to the button shop and find the perfect matrhing trim. You can also use satin ribbon if you gather it yourself. A good gather uses material 1,5-2 times the derired length.
2. Draw the lip outlines with chalk.
3. Sew, with a straight stitch, the lip outlines. Sew through top material AND lining.
4. Pin and sew the trim on to the lipline.
5. Cut out the insides of these openings.

Also note that the lips need to be almost vertical in places that stretch (like in the skirt here). If the lips seen in this skirt would be diagoal or vertical they would open up when you bend over or walk... Test the best lip shapes and locations by cutting a similar sized opening to a test fabric an then stretching it to different directions by pinning it to your clothes and moving around in it..
Photo via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. i luv malogosia bela!

  2. I clicked "dont like" and you asked for comments so here it is...but first and most important THANK YOU for the wonderful blog. So many great projects and ideas, so much inspiration!!! ♥ !!!
    While on the jacket, I do not mind it, I find the cutout it is saucy and provoking, like a cheeky wink but on the skirt it just isnt subtle, it practically screams look at my vagina, and that is never a chic look.

  3. Hi Catti. I agree, placing one of the lips cut-outs so way up would be just bad taste. I´d put them much more down, closer to the knees. Or even leave it totally out and just do the jacket.