DIY Video - Gareth Pugh making his SS2010 slasher dress

Gareth Pugh SS2010 Slasher dress 1

See videos on Gareth Pugh making his SS2010 slasher dress and model Raquel Zimmermann work it. F A B U L O U S ! ! The technique behind Pugh’s trademark slashing is pure DIY. Timeconsuming though (see the time and effort he spends to have the fabric 100% smooth!), as it took him three days to finish this dress, but well worth the trouble in my opinion. The idea of using so much plastic and taping is to keep the fabric complitely still while cutting as one crease or wrong move will ruin the piece. The material used seems to be a really thin and light weight silk(?) jersey, so all pattern pieces were cut twice to make the final dress double layered. The double layering also makes the slashes not so see-through.. The floor also had to be covered to avoid cut marks.

I need a rotary cutter. Bad.

Gareth Pugh SS2010 Slasher dress video
Gareth Pugh SS2010 Slasher dress 2

Via Thrift&Thread.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I LOVE this. Thank you so much for sharing. Seeing his technique come to life is amazing.

    The fabric is called Angelskin by Chrisanne and is a polymide/lycra dance fabric. You can find it under fabrics>collections>luxury stretch

  2. Thanks Monica! If the material is dance/aerobic lurex jersey, that explains why it looks so heavy (drapes well), yet moves beautifully and DOES NOT FRAY even when cut and stretched!!