Ugly leather jacket to pretty capelet

Refashioned Leather and Lace Capelet by Jessamity 1

Found some great DIY ideas at Etsy today! This leather and lace capelet is made from refashioning a secondhand 80´s leather jacket (sleeves and bottom bodice cut out, lace trimming added), by Jessamity. Quite an genious design for reusing ugly leather jackets. Bracelet made from vintage necklace chain and leather. By Dinosaurtoes at Etsy. Secondhand leather is definately in my top 3 for DIY fashion materials!

Refashioned Leather and Lace Capelet by Jessamity 2
Refashioned Leather and Lace Capelet by Jessamity 3
Bracelet by Dinosaurtoes 1
Bracelet by Dinosaurtoes 2

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. i LOVE the bracelet!!!

  2. Wow the bracelet is wonderful!


  3. Bracelet is so perfect! I love it! i got to find lether somewhere.... :)

  4. I love that capelet!! Gorgeous!

  5. Well! I had the same idea few years ago and i made a prototype too. Now i'm making slightly similar capelets. but i use faux fur and woollen materials. Also my capelets have more vintage look, they are not so romantic and lacy. I'm using those ugly 90's coats that are extremely wide on the top and narrow down around the ankles. I'm also making maching muffs and hats from the leftovers. They are gonna be on sale in Gloria, Ofelia market. You're also gonna be there? Come by my table and give me your opinion. You queen of the finnish DIY scene you :D p.s. I ADORE those Lego-bows you make!

  6. wow!!!! fantastic bracelet looking too much lovely.

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