DIY fashion inspiration - Shoe Sunday

Givenchy tie bootie 1

Givenchy tie booties. Glue leather leg parts with loops sewn in the back, on the top of the shoe and tie with a interior rope.

Givenchy tie bootie 2
Givenchy tie bootie 3

Givenchy tie boot 1
Givenchy tie boot 2
Givenchy tie boot 3

Pieces of patterned leather can also be glued (with hotglue or leather glue) directly on to of the shoe. I´d also love to try gluing strips of long haired fake fur or hair extensions... These are by Nicholas Kirwood.

Nicholas Kirkwood leather patch pump
Nicholas Kirkwood hair pump 1

Sew chain fringes on the edge of a narrow leather strip and hot glue on the edge of your fav pumps. Chain fringe pumps by Diego Dolcini.

Diego Dolcini chain pumps
Diego Dolcini chain pumps 2

If you don´t want the chains to be permanent, you can attach them to (buckled) leather strips instead. Chain fringe boots by Guiseppe Zanotti.

Guiseppe Zanotti chain fringe boot 3
Guiseppe Zanotti chain fringe boot 1
Guiseppe Zanotti Chain fringe boot 2

Photos via Luisaviaroma.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. upeita!! en olekaan kenkiä pahemmin ennen tuunaillut, voisi joskus vaikka kokeilla :)

  2. Love what they did to the shoes. Yes I won't buy it but make it myself, maybe after I'm through with my term paper.

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