Pyramid dress

pyramid dress 2

Dresses don´t always have to be made flat. And pyramid studs can be jumbo sized but soft. C-heads magazine, issue #18. Styling and wardrobe by Yvonne Reichmuth. Photography Christoph Kostlin. Via DirtyFlaws.

pyramid dress 3
pyramid dress 1

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. the only word that comes to mind is WOW!

  2. awesome. not so awesome is though.. you cant call that a dress o_o its not even near a mini dress, its a top, so whyy is it worn with sheer tights

  3. The one thing that I´ve learned in the past 10 years following fashion is concentrate less on the models and in this case not so practical styling and more on the details and DIY potential. I could not wear this shear fashion extravaganza in a million years in real life but I do enjoy the fabric sewn pyramid details. I´d love to make them maybe to a t-shirt or jacket. That I´d wear :)

  4. Such an amazing dress! And you know what would go well with it? The freaking amazing POLICE LEGO EARRINGS YOU SENT ME OH EM GEEZ Outi you have no idea how much I love them, thankyou times a billion!! Pop over to my blog and see the post I did about them if you get a chance.