Girl X

Bitching & Junkfood Human Hair zipper necklace

For some people wearing genuine fur or leather is an issue. But would an vegan person wear jewelry made from human hair?? I have to ask the next time I meet one. Introducing Bitching & Junkfood human hair jewelry Girl X range. Makes me wish I had saved some locks when I went to cut my hair the last time. Earrings made from my own hair would kick ass. I´m also in love with the cock feather head pieces.

Bitching & Junkfood Human Hair earrings
Bitching & Junkfood Human Hair neck piece
Bitching & Junkfood Cock feather head piece 2

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I would wear human hair if I knew that the person was okay with cutting it and having it made into.. earrings for example.

    You could make something out of dog hair too, every now and then you have to cut your dog.. so why not make something out of the hair. Didn't hurt the dog at all. But that's the differens, if you take the skin and make it to a jacket..well.. we all know what happens to the animal then.