Funktional cage dress

Funktional caged dress 4

Nasty Gal calls this Funktional dress "So chic it hurts! Black bandage dress with structured caging at shoulders. Low neckline with exposed metal zipper at back. Fab with towering stilettos and red lips!" I agree. Inspired my those YSL shoes I suppose..? But why buy when you can DIY?

1. Cut out the dress shoulders. Remember to leave some allowance.
2. Cover up some rigilene corset bones with bias tape.
3. Pin the bones cage in form.
4. Sew bones to dress by machine and to each other by hand.

Funktional caged dress 1
Funktional caged dress 2
Funktional caged dress 3

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. this is great!! really helps me with my current project where i'm looking at sculptural shapes

    thanks for posting


  2. Ihana! Täydellinen pikkumusta.


  4. very cute and chic!
    I just don't think I could ever pull it off!