Stud stash

Studded denim shirt

I´m going to a DIY evening on Friday. Me and a couple of friends decided that it was sbout time we got something done from my 4 kilo stud stash and pretty much cover anything we can get our hands on with metal. Can´t wait! Meanwhile here´s some studded inspiration from Etsy:

Studded beret by MaisonDePeanutLeigh. I also love her Moschino inspired lace skeleton safetypin gloves!

DIY fashion MaisonDePeanutLeigh studded beret
DIY fashion MaisonDePeanutLeigh skeleton safetypin gloves

Studded lingerie top by GirlOnAVine.

DIY fashion GirlOnAVine studded corset top 2

WoodPunk - Handmade Gold Studded shoes by TwoStringJane aka Alyssa Zukas. And her studded military styled blazer looks very diyable chic.

DIY fashion TwoStringJane studded boots
DIY fashion TwoStringJane studded shoes
DIY fashion TwoStringJane studded military blazer

Studded Denim Jacket by Natalie Kulungian.

DIY fashion NatalieKulungian studded denim shirt

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. you should do a giveaway with some of those studs XD