Today is Buy Nothing Day in Finland organized by our Nature Foundation and Shop With Care. I´m sure the average Joe and Jane loved to take the message literately which of course is not the point of this day. "Stop shopping for one day and it will be ok". Yeah right. The idea of Buy Nothing Day is to have us stop for a moment and think about the way we consume. It´s not just about the physical stuff and things we buy but also about other ways of consumption; food, power, services.. Everything! First I thought it would be easy just stay out of shops for one day and just spend some time with friends, but then I really started to think about all that I consume in one day. First I have to get to work and later to town. Do I travel by car, bus or bike? Lunch at work? Do I make my own sandwhiches or go and buy a micro-dinner? Where do we go to have dinner in the evening? Is the food and drinks locally produced, organic or at least Fair Trade? Would it be better if we made our own food at home? And so on and so on. Trashion solved my fashion consuption dilemmas but one could go crazy thingking about these things all the time. I have chosen to keep my focus on a few things every week. Baby steps. The most important thing is that I keep them in mind, edjucate myself on new areas on consumption and change what I can.

Why and how do you consume? You really NEED or WANT it? Or just beacuse you got a good deal or makes you feel better?

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Loistavaa että bloggasit aiheesta! Älä osta mitään -päivä on englanniksi Buy Nothing Day.

  2. I so agree with the Buy With Nothing day. I rarely buy clothing that isn't second-hand and keep purchases of non-essentials to a bare minimum.
    Keep up the good work, I love your blog!

  3. ooh, i was going to do it today, but i really have to buy a book and an adapter for my trip... because at the airport it's going to be crazy expensive.

    but it's true, we should look closer as to why we are buying so many things so mindlessly.