Safety pins are the new studs

LA Times Magazine Photo Ruven Afanador

Safety pins are big this fall in embellishing garments. They are the new studs. I saw this pearl necklace at Ru_Glamour today and immediately thought about the safetypin cuff bracelets I´ve done when I was 14 could make a similar look. Safetypin crafts are a good project for DIY beginners. I´d make them using white and off-white pearls as they are a classic a suit many occations, like the upcoming Xmass parties and New Years. Just remember, safety pin metal can contain nickel, so if you´re allergic unfortunately this project is not for you..

DIY safety pin beaded cuff bracelet

Instruction on how to make a safetypin bracelet with small beads and with pearls. The best part is that you can take these safetypin jewelry apart at any time and re-use the pins and beads somewhere else if you want! Moschino embellished some of their FW2009 garments with safetypins. Note that the decor is not made only from different sized safetypins, but that there are crystals and other plastic beads in the mix to reflect light and make the detail shine!

Moschino FW09 safetypin jacket 1
Moschino FW09 safetypin jacket 5
Moschino FW09 safetypin jacket 4
Moschino FW09 safetypin dress 3
Moschino FW09 safetypin dress 2
Moschino FW09 safetypin dress 1

Moschino photos via Net-a-porter.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I'm totally digging that dress at the bottom. It's just kind of genius.

  2. rintaneuloja:

  3. awesome inspiration, I was just thinking about doing a safety pin project!!

  4. heeeh! I also made a safety pin-bracelet back in the day from an idea I got from my Mexican mother-in-law. I love your tips too!

    You can check it out here:

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