Trashion Socialite

Last Sunday was yet another photo shoot for my upcoming DIY fashion book. The theme for this one was portraits of socialite women in their day and evening looks. The clothes show a simple way to customize a piece for daily wear, but if you blow up the proportions and use more material, you get evening wear. My book will be out in October and it will feature about 30 projects with infinite modification possibilities depending what type of garment you have to start with.

The projects:
Covering old clothes with doily table cloths
Forming surfaces with leather strips cut from mens 80´s leather jackets
Turning a 70´s A-lined maxi skirt to a peplum pencil skirt

Photos: Mikko Rasila
Models: Tiiu, Fiona, Sabina 
Clothes: OutsaPop Trashion / second hand 
Makeup: Iris Lindholm 
Hair: Jere Tienhaara 

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Amazing pics dear :)

    With love,Mia

  2. Loving every single image.
    So cool.


  3. That leather maxi is AMAZING!. did you make that?

  4. Leather dress is fantastic! Is your book going the traditional print route, e-book, or print-on-demand for your US followers?

  5. The leather evening dress and skirt are both made by gluing strips of leather onto a garment. It is a no-sew project, can you believe it?! The dress took six jackets and the skirt two. I´m still missing a publisher in the US or UK so far the book will just be in Finnish (paper copy). If you know anyone who could help me have it translated into English, German or Spanish, I´d love to hear about it!! :D

  6. Gorgeous photos, I love your stuff! Wishing you every success with your book!
    x Huli ( )
    ((long time fan from new zealand))

  7. this is really impressive, love everything from clothes to styling!