Soul sewing in the wind

My last week could have not been better. Three days I stood in next to our Cleaning Day (Siivouspäivä) Art Container in Kamppi helping passing people take a minute off and sew something. The weather wasn´t the best possible as it was very windy and not so warm. Some times it rained so we had to take in all the sewing machines. But we made it and loads of people got to try on something many seemed to dread since school. Every day we had a different star artist visiting the booth. Thank you to Kalle K, Katja Tukiainen, Nina Pirhonen and Nelly Sääksjärvi for sharing your art with the rest of us. It was nice to see buzy people sit down and forget their problems while they focused on getting the stitches straight. We called it soul sewing. Some people came more than once and many could not believe the whole thing was organized free of charge. We had sponsors like Marimekko, R-Collection, FidaPfaff, Sinelli, supply us with fabrics, sewing machines and other crafting materials and Uudenmaan Taidetoimikunta for loaning us the container. So much fun!

Special thanks to Clas Ohlson, who gave us a pavilion to help fight the rain. It meant very much to us. Thank You!!! And Thanks to Oona Niemelä for being such a sport, It would have not been possible with out your efforts.

This feels like an award speech.. :D

Outi Les Pyy

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