Pukuhuone @ Recycle Factory

Next weekend I´ll be hanging out at Kaapelitehdas, at the annual Recycling Factory event, to be organised at the Cable Factory 5-6 May in Helsinki. My main agenda there will be to be a part of launching a new ecological fashion website and blog called Pukuhuone. It will show you all the things that ecological fashion can be and how to do it with minimal effort while looking like a million bucks. It is going to be very exiting. Like Pukuhuone on Facebook during this weekend and you can win 100 euro gift card to online eco shop Yalo. Come and see us there and I promise I´ll show you just how fashionable eco can be. Plus you have a chance to see some of my DIY book creations live like the leather gala dress.

Recycling Factory offers tips and advice for sustainable lifestyle and ecological consuming. The Sales Market presents a variety of products from over 50 companies. These products, manifactured of recycled materials, are great gifts for instance for Mother’s day. Among the other activities, workshops offer a place to do fabulous creations out of recycled materials.

The Free of Charge Market functions is one of my favorites. It is a place for anyone to bring their unwanted things (still in usable condition) and take what ever they want, free of charge. The stage programme of the Recycling Factory include discussion panels, work demonstrations, and fashion shows. I´ll be on stage twice showing three ways to customize a shirt and t-shirt. During the Saturday’s panel at 14:00, top model Kirsi Pyrhönen, blogger Noora Shigler from Kemikaalicoctail, and researcher Jenni Räsänen are giving practical tips for dressing ecologically, Minna Särelä from Paloni being the chairperson (in Finnish only). Programme climaxes on Sunday at 15:00 with announcing the winners of the EkoDesign 2012, and Trash Queen competitions which I´ll be a co-judge. The stage programme is available here.

Here are some pictures I took of the 2010 event.

The Energy Factory, to be organised in connection with the Recycling Factory event, offers various tips of saving energy and ways of reducing your carbon footprint. Moreover, there is a change of reparing your own bicycle and learn more about the new Bicycle centre, to be opened at Kamppi in June.

Recycling Factory 5.-6.5.2012
Open Sat-Sun at 10-17:00
Cable Factory, Merikaapelihalli and the courtyard Tallberginkatu 1, 00180 Helsinki,
Doors M1-M4 Free entrance

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. It looks really amazing, I wish I could go!

    Becoming Urban

  2. This looks like a vintage shoppers Heaven ! I wish I could go!


  3. http://ikuisuusprojekteja.blogspot.fi/2012/07/kierratystehtaalla.html tuolta löytyy nyt (vihdoinkin) se juttu kierrätystehtaalta ja kuvat joihin silloin pyysin lupasi. Toivottavasti ehdit käydä tsekkaamassa tuon postauksen. :)