DIY tutorial - Pleasure Principle inspired cut out skull t-shirt

Photo Mikko Rasila, model Monna Kosonen, styling OutsaPop Trashion.

Cut out skull tees have been a DIY classic for a few years now ever since Pleasure Principle made one and everyone had to make their own version of it. I was one of those people. The top picture we shot last November, as the cut out skull t-shirt will be one of the DIY projects in my upcoming DIY fashion book. Today I found a very good tutorial on how to make one over at Hurley. The tutorial is by Israel Kandarian and Cheyenne Arnold. So head over and see how to make one if you want to do it now. The tutorial in my book will be slightly different as the t-shirt I´m using for the project is black.

Original t-shirt by Pleasure Principle.

Cut out skull t-shirt at Drops of Jupiter.

Outi Les Pyy

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