Sanna Hopiavuori

Yesterday I visited Nudge, an eco fashion shop in Helsinki, for some bubbly and the chance to meet designer Sanna Hopiavuori and see her colletion "The dogs never bite me" which has everything from recycled leather, fashion industry leftovers, hemp, bamboo and recycled PET-fibre used in the clothes. I´ve loved Sanna´s eco fashions since a friend of mine tipped me off a couple of years ago. Quite rude of me not to feature her before here.. Well better late than never. Anyway, her signature line With Love Sanna Hopiavuori is perfect. Black black black, timeless and stylish pieces that can be styled in multiple ways, just like good eco fashion should. To her the ecology of the clothes is not the main thing, but a good design. In her mind ecology should be just (a mandatory) added value to the clothes. Did I say everything is black? It is black. Fashionably black. Sanna believes in slow fashion so a part of the collection always follows to the next season with a few seasonal additions and new innovations. My favorite piece is Betty Coltrane -leather leggings, which I think are THE must have eco fashion piece right now. She makes then custom order according to your own measurements so the fit will be perfect.

You can find Sanna Hopiavuori collections in these shops and online boutiques:

Nudge (Yrjönkatu 30, Helsinki)
Non Boutique (Pakkahuoneenkatu 5, Oulu)
DesignShopOutlet (Kuunkehrä 6, Espoo)
Fox&Rabbit (Vaasankatu 6, Helsinki) online eco boutique online eco boutique

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Amazing outfits :)

    With love,Mia

  2. lovely outfits, the cable knit dress is so pretty!!
    xo Ella


  4. clutch is cute:) and my diy clutch -->

  5. Wow, love all the pieces especially the leggins.
    This is embarrassing but I'll share if it makes someone laugh. I didn't know what PET fiber was (had to look it up). I thought surely it's not pet fiber (like dogs and cats). Although, I always thought my dog's hair is softer that any cashmere or angora. Then, of course I had to look up if there is such thing as dog fiber and what do you know? There is!

    Now I only wish I could spin and knit!!

  6. Yes, PET is plastic. Plastic bottles can be recycled to make all sorts of things, like recycled polyester fabric. BUT any animal with hair/fur can also be spun to a yarn. My ex boyfriend had wool socks witch had dog hair mixed with wool :P