Raquel Allegra started it

When Raquel Allegra made her first shredded t-shirt collection for Summer 2009 I´m sure she did not anticipate the reaction. Since then numerous fashion bloggers have imitated the style and technique of unravelling soft, secondhand t-shirts to sheer fashion pieces and some smaller labels have even made them a part of their collection, like Obesity And Speed. I have found references from 90´s craft magazines of this shredding technique used, but it did not make it to catwalks then. Raquel took a green approeach to this technique and used old tees from LA County jail and I for example use old German army tees. I use her collections and other street style photographs with shredded tees as inspiration. The base t-shirt can be just one color OR it can be tie dyed, dip dyed or ombre colored before the unravelling. The color shift brings out beautiful, fluent shapes when undone. I used this to unravel striped Marimekko tees to make their backs less of a Finnish fashion classic and more Dalilike.

Today I will be hosting a trashion workshop in Helsinki for eco fashion shop Paloni (kl 18 - 20.30). Participation fee 30€ includes an army secondhand T-shirt colored black and me showing you how to shredd it + great company and servings. For booking, mail info@paloni.fi!

Here is some inspiration for tonight!

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I adore the aesthetic of these shredded shirts, but honestly, I don't think I have the patience to sit & shred a shirt. I tried it once and it took so long to do 1/2 a shirt I just gave up!