Angela Brandys madness

Angela Brandys works are just crazy. Customized leather with embellishments and ribbon and fur details. All in pastel like a good girl punker would wear it. I never thought pink and beige could be such a kick ass colors, but this styling just works magic.

Angela is based in London, United Kingdom. She studied at London College Of Fashion and graduated in 2011. Her collections are produced in United Kingdom. "My work is heavily affected by or even dictated by life's day-to-day necessities, these may be the hurdles of money or even time, but both are influential tools to utilize and optimize my work. I find all manner of bits and pieces, fabric, trims, details even other garments to take apart, whether from markets, thrift stores, thrown away or given items, that I can piece together into designs. All the ingredients I beg, borrow and steal become the treatment for my designs and start to construct a collection. My influence on my designs is essential in their success. My designs are garments that I must want to wear, that I would be drawn to. The result channels radiant, elegant, confident women, an unexpected beauty a bold beauty, ultimately feminine, and always eye grabbing Dreams and aspirations are never to be underestimated, as they simply a catalyst for a creators work." You go girl!! If Jessie J is digging this, so am I. Regards to the styling, the pastel lila / emerald green hair dye with finger curls look absolutely amazing.

Via Not Just A Label.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Love a designer who's not afraid to use color and a lot of it!! I also want the hair color in those last photos.

  2. Wow!! these are amazingly crazy!! Love it!! i'd love to dress up like that if i could!

  3. Holy crap I love this! I also love that the model has gauges.