DIY tutorial - denim maxi skirt

Denim skirt at the Ralph Lauren Spring 2003 fashion show in 2002 (Doug Kanter/AFP/Getty Images)

I made my first maxi skirt from jeans back in 1997. Since then I´ve always had one in my closet. This one is my current one. It´s made from three pairs of similar colored jeans (Diesel, classic wash no 737). I added more leg pieces in the back as a train and one romantic polyester light curtain for filling. Trinkets In Bloom has a tutorial how to make this. You´ll get the best result from really old jeans as they are worn soft and probably have tears in them. Just make sure the colors are close to each other as it looks better when finished. Style it with a cotton lightweight summer knit and a cowboy belt.

OutsaPop Trashion denim maxi skirt customization:

Photo Jere Kantonen

Denim maxi skirt tutorial at Trinkets In Bloom.

True Religion Dakota Love & Haight denim maxi Skirt:

Maxi denim skirt by Balmain, Summer 2012:

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Interesting Skirt... But I dont think I'll ever wear it...


  2. Yeah, I agree with Sheena. I couldn't pull that off.


  3. Im not sure how much I am in love with all that denim as a skirt..

  4. I have a long full denim skirt. Very fitted up top.
    I bought it because I saw it on my sister. It moves so beautifully, there's a sway to it that's really sexy and easy.

  5. Love these skirts! Beautiful! I would totally wear these!