The mullet skirt

Today I learned a new fashion term - mullet skirt. This longer-from-the-back-and-shorter-in-front fashion piece was first spotted strutting the runways at shows like Alexander McQueen, Antonio Berardi, and Lanvin Spring/Summer 2011 but it quickly became a classic and is still worn by many fashionistas. If you’ve ever been conflicted between a maxi and a mini, then this style is for you. It can be made from any maxi skirt or dress by just cutting the hem shorter in front. A Pair And A Spare made a tutorial about it. Pin the hem first and try it on before cutting. A-lined skirts and fluent materials work best. Or you can use a circular piece of fabric and work from there as shown in this tutorial by Me Sew Crazy.

Just remember that this style does show your legs, so it is best worn with heels or summer platforms and does not look good with bruises or sneakers. Combat boots and pistol boots probably work if the dress is the kind you´d wear with them anyways. Black matte stockings will make it more festive for evening wear.

Outi Les Pyy

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