iZettle - get paid with your iPhone

I think I just found the best thing ever for crafters and event going trashionistas since the glue gun was invented. It´s called iZettle and it is an app. With it, anyone (private or business) can accept a credit card transaction with just using your iPhone or iPad!! Genious, and it´s free.

Since iPhone Square is made for only US users, I´m really happy to finally have something that is available also for us Nordics. Forbes writes, "iZettle, is the European equivalent of Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey’s U.S.-based mobile payment service, Square. Square gives away a device that attaches to a mobile phone so people can accept credit card payments with a swipe of the card’s magnetic stripe. In Europe, the credit cards have chips instead of magnetic stripes." It took Apple two years to develop a similar device for us chip users.

Just think of all the possibilities! At fairs and fleamarkets I´m sure you have lost some sales because it has been an "cash only" event.. Well now you don´t have to. I ordered mine already :)

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. waow.. cooool!! now, all easier.. thx for sharing...

  2. This is useful! I also heard that this mean of payment is a tool that is helping the growth of Africa. In Milan there is also another experiment with phones: phones have a new chip embedded. People just place the phone near the cashier to pay.