Finnish Fashion as you´ve never seen it before

This week Finnish television YLE opens a totally new view to Finnish fashion. For the first time ever YLE Teema is airing live NÄYTÖS XII on television. It is a yearly held fashion show organized by the School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki. It exhibits the curated thesis projects by MA and BA students. Showtime is on Friday May 25th at 7pm. The event will also showcase autumn-winter 2012 collections by the university's recent alumni: Ensaemble, Saara Lepokorpi, Sasu Kauppi and R/H. I will be there in the green room commenting the clothes and talking about fashion all evening with other bloggers and fashion pros. So exiting!!

Before the show you can watch the designer intros and how the collections have come to be on YLE Areena (videos viewable in Finland only, sorry):
Suomimuodin uusi aalto osa 1
Suomimuodin uusi aalto osa 2
School of Arts, Design and Architecture student runway collections (live Friday 19:00)
NÄYTÖS XII (live Friday 20:00)

NÄYTÖS XII is a part of Helsinki´s Wold Design Capital 2012 program.

All photos and video from Saara Lepokorpi, SS12 collections.

Outi Les Pyy

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