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Recycled fashions are not always pretty. Making a dress out of black rubbish bags or food packages hardly qualifies as fashion.. Admit it, you would not wear that shit?! It is not trashion or fashion. It must have a sence of style and design. It must be Avant-Garbage. Belgian-born London-based sculptor and artist Walter Raes is capable of using old objects to create stuff that you could picture on international fashion week runways and in the pages of some of the world's biggest fashion magazines. So far, he's created a bomber jacket made out of old Timberlands, a fringe dress from cable ties, and a whole outfit out of old bike parts. Very GaGa looking stuff. His works are usually based on multiples which means that he takes large numbers of the same item and makes them into one piece. Check out Walter´s interview at Vice.

Via Vice.

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