Trashion models wanted!

models wanted 2

Models wanted!

I´m looking for photo models to my upcoming book! If you live near Helsinki and would be intrested in getting your face printed in pretty trashions send me your infos. I´m looking for girls and boys of all ages. I´m not going to tell you that I´m looking for a particular body size since I believe a personality is a must and it does not necessarily come in size zero. But you should love the camera and be able to do more than just one face. I love people who don´t take themselves (or photographs of them) too seriously <3 The shoots will be held in Helsinki starting this Christmas and continuing to next spring and summer. Since this is a DIY project, there unfortunately won´t be any money in it. But you will get the photos and possibly a few original OutsaPop pieces.

I you´re interested send me:
Your full name
2-3 recent face/full body photos of yourself
age and contact info
measurements: height / bust cm / waist cm / hips cm
jeans size (in inches)
shoe size

To send me mail, click "contact us" from the bottom banner. Or click "share" and post it to your facebook if you think some of your friends might be intrested!

models wanted

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I would love to model trashions! <3 Except I think I'm too short and curvy. :D

  2. Too bad I live in Denmark! Would love it :)

  3. hei mistäs ton "contact us"-jutskan löytää? :--D sori en löydä

  4. Näytön alareunassa on harmaa banneri, jossa lukee "Contact Us". :)

  5. Se banneri on blogissa oleva widget. En tiedä näkyykö kaikille jos on jotain pop-up estoja tms. päällä. Mailini on

  6. Outi: ahaa löysin :D kiitti!

  7. I'll be back in Helsinki from January to April, and would love to send my info! I'm in the middle of finals now so I'll e-mail as soon as I get the chance. :)

  8. Cool H.! Looking forward to the pics :)