Velvet Crush

I went to see the new H&M Versace collection yesterday. What absolute crap! The design was ok, but the materials.. And people were fighting over thats shit! I´ll never be able to understand it. But if you ask me for fashion tips I´d say now keep your eyes open at second hand shops for crushed and burnt out velvet, lace dresses and chiffon. Oh so trendy (90´s, man!!!!) and perfectly soft and festive for the holiday season. Combine it with a short leather jacket and 90´s platform heels. I´m not a big fan of satin for party dressing as it is really hard to manage in refashion projects and in my opinion does not look good on anybody. Especially if you are photographed at the party with a flash light it will just make you look fat. Yach. The underwear/sleepwear section propably has some great satin kimono jackets though. This is the only exception to my satin-rule and they are free flowing in fit. And if your local shop is all out of lace and velvet, Etsy has a great selection of vintage pieces for sale.

Outi Les Pyy

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