Trashion furniture art by Thomas Wold


Finally I found out who is the artist behind my favorite interior inspiration photo!! These are made from recycled furniture by artist Thomas Wold. Stunning works that look amazing at home or in any shop. Check out also Thomas's blog where you can see more pictures of the making-off phases.

Thomas Wold mystery-house-2 Thomas_Wold_Fractured_Fairy_Tales_ Photo Markham Johnson Thomas_Wold_Family_Affair_8 thomas_wold_tall_blond_secretary_1 ed9c0bfaf39f2aaeda417f5c40adc2eb412be740 Thomas_Wold_venice_beach thomas_wold_primping_station Thomas_Wold_Family_Affair-2 Thomas_Wold_Family_Affair_6

Outi Les Pyy

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