The Existential Doily Therapy


During these dark times, crafts are a simple and cheap therapy-like hobby. I love this concept of an existential doily. Everybody needs one. If I´d make mine today it would read "What do my clothes say about me today? Is is my true fashion identity?" When they someday take me to the looney bin and I get to wear my pj's and bunny slippers all day, this is what I´ll be sewing there.

What would your doily say?

Via Stitch Therapy.

stitch_therapy_Existential_Doily 2

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. so beautiful, really heartwarming. might make some christmas ones x


  2. hello thank you so much for featuring my piece "existential doily"! it was definitely therapy for me to make.

    the second piece "dishwater eyes" is not by me,I just featured it on my blog, it is by Kate Elisabeth Rolison at I would be grateful if you could credit her for her piece.

    Many thanks, Emma, AKA Stitch Therapy

  3. ihania <3 tekispä joku mulle tuollasen :>

  4. NJJ, tee ite!! Se on terapeuttista :D