DIY trend - Tooled leather


Leather tooling is a craft I´ve wanted to try for years. It is a craft that was last popular in the 70´s. Since the rising of classic Western American influences in fashion it is making it´s way back slowly into our wardrobes. Alexander McQueen brought some fabulous tooled-beyond pieces onto the catwalk for this Fall. Tooling an entire outfit is pure madness but the accessories might be an easier place to start. I´d be surprised if cheap fashion chains are ever able to adapt this trend since this craft is hard to mimic cheap, well it´s not impossible, but who would like to wear this is plastic? Luckily there is a variety of authentic tooled leather accessories available secondhand.

3D designs can be carved, stamped, hammered onto the surface of thick leather. One could spend a fortune on leather tools since every different shaped stamp ja punch has to be bought separately, if you´re doing it the old fashioned way that is. I´ve seen some electrical tool sets being sold at hardware stores where you can change the head, but I have no idea if they work the same. Usually the old fashioned way is better. Maybe I´ll just get the basic tool kit.. :P Leather Craft Library has a blog with tutorials and great images on what type of tools to use for different surfaces.

Tooled leather inspiration Alexander-McQueen-black-3D-flower-knuckle-box-clutch-1-500x500 alexander-mcqueen-paris-fashion-week-runway-10072010-25-820x1231-500x750 Alexander McQueen FW2011 Black 3D Flower Wedge 2

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Tulee ihan pitsi mieleen kuvioiduista nahasta. :)

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