Draped chains

Style Hurricane ear wrap cuff earring 7

Style Hurricane has new ear wraps/cuffs in her Etsy shop. Draped chains.. Hmmm, likey. These wire lovelies can easily be DIYd with a pair of pliars, chains and some silver wire. The one with feathers is also quite awsome. It just goes around your ear, so no ear piercings needed. I can also imagine these looking pretty hot on a side-shaved goth boy.

Style Hurricane ear wrap cuff earring 5
Style Hurricane ear wrap cuff earring 4
Style Hurricane ear wrap cuff earring 3

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. This is very cool & I'm totally with you on the feather one. That's fabulous.

  2. I love these ear chains, I think they're beautiful. I'm really thinking of buying some for myself.

  3. Thanks for featuring me again ;) And thanks for buying one, I'm going to post your package tomorrow.

  4. They do look completed new and different. Like the idea. Advanced.