Just do it.


"Some of the best advice I’ve been given was from a friend who had studied graphic design. A professor once told him that in order to overcome the fear all creatives feel faced with a pristine sheet of blank paper is simple, just doodle on it. Then it’s no longer pristine, and creation can begin. I understand this paralyzing fear, though my fear does not manifest itself with paper (or canvas), but rather with new fabric. The more I love a piece of fabric (and I love most of them), the harder it is for me to transform it into a garment.

What if I ruin it?

What if my design isn’t good enough for the fabric?

What if I think of something better after I’ve cut out my pattern?

What if…?

You can see how the fear can easily overtake the process. So my equivalent of “just doodle” is just cut. Just cut. So simple. Once the fabric is cut it’s no longer perfect, no longer pristine, no longer untouched, and can both mentally and literally be transformed. So that’s what I’m going to do. Now… which scissors should I use?"


Text "Just Cut" at 4Equalsides by Tara/Study New York.

My favorites from Study New York´s Summer 2010 collection:

Study New York SS2010 3
Study New York SS2010 2
Study New York SS2010 1

Top photo by Hobbes313.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I like the dip dye effect on the styles.It is not super visible and in your face, but still adds interest to the garments.

  2. I know exactly what are you talking about lol
    "Just Cut" is my new motto