DIY inspiration - The cage bustier

Chromat cage bustier 06

There has been loads of different kinds of harnesses and corset bone caged clothes/accessories going around in the past seasons. I never get tired of them as I feel they make an intresting, timeless, sexy addition to any wardrobe. Not tied to any season or particular trend. These fun and fabulous cage bustiers are by Chromat Summer 2010 collection called Cities And Cages. Available at I Don´t like Mondays. Buy... or DIY.

You´ll need:
1 pair of bust under wires from your old bras
corset boning (rigilene)
satin bias tape
wide elastic band
short zipper

.. and a friend to help you pin the damn thing on you :)

Chromat cage bustier 02
Chromat cage bustier 03
Chromat cage bustier 07
Chromat cage bustier 11

Chromat SS2010 runway 1
Chromat SS2010 runway 3
Chromat SS2010 runway 2

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Great design idea. With the color contrast, the effect is absolutely well-done.

  2. so cool! come follow me xoxo

  3. SO COOL! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Wow loving these collections, definate d.i.y inspiration
    Rianna xxxx

  5. I like this!