The dark elixir of creation


I live on coffee (and cigarettes). I can spend up to 5 hours on a Sunday morning just blogging, surfing and having my cold cup. Well, really it looks more like a coffee bowl as it takes about 4-5 cups in it.. For me coffee is the elixir of creation. It keeps my thoughts rolling smoothly and my eyes open. If I could trade all food and drink for just having coffee, I propably would. Unfortunately coffee in Finland sucks. I realize this every time I come back from a trip abroad. I usually add some spices to the brew just to have it drinkable. I also need to have it cold, at summertime with ice. We have this saying in Finland that drinking cold coffee will make you prettier. Silly, but I´ll give it a shot. Although one of my lovely friends thinks I should not hope for miracles.. Maybe I´ll have it through the blender today, just to have the ice crushed.

If you want your cup to be perfect, make it yourself. Craft has a how-to on making ice coffee with a hint of syrup and Craft Leftovers has a reciepe for icey frappachino. Also in case you're a tea fan, Chroniclebooks shows you how to make sweet ice tea. Hanging around at coffee shops having a tasteless cup of overpriced latte (4€..!!) is so last season.

Top photo by Janette.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I don't drink coffee but know for fact that you should try our Israeli coffee...Some say it's the best and even take it with them abroad when they travel!!!!
    I'll post a REAL Ice-cream how to in my blog shortly-come and visit

  2. is it that you can't get good coffee (beans) or just that no one will make it properly at a cafe? I had this problem when I lived in Southern California (surf culture = great smoothies, but they burnt their espresso beans in the roasting process EVERY DAY). That's when my partner and I started making most of our coffee ourselves.

    If you like, send word via email or blog comment and I can send you some good beans if you need them! Maybe we could arrange a trade? I haven't had a good bottle of real Koskenkorva Salmiakki in years! =) (fleurdelisarah AT hotmail DOT com)

  3. The cafe coffee is fine if it´s the kind of proper place where they make it from beans. But my coffee problem is that I love really strong brew (and I´d like to make it at home), and that you can´t really find anywhere. Of course they have the good stuff packed in small bags, but it is ridigilously expensive. All the normally priced coffees are too "light" for me. I drink it loads so I can´t afford the good stuff every day..

    Also cause I´m a disaster in the kitchen, I can´t make real espresso (with an espresso pan). I have to use a basic coffee machine with ready-ground beans, which is not good if I want the coffee to be strong, but not taste bitter.. It´s a complex problem. :)

    But sure, if you want Koskenkorva Salmiakki, of course I can mail you one. Maybe I´ll take some other California delicassy in the trade :))

  4. let's do it!I actually left California two years ago and returned to Seattle - which is why I offered coffee! If you want, I can send you a bag of the good stuff - and I'm sure I can have it ground for you!

    here, do you want to email me your address? =)
    fleurdelisarah AT hotmail DOT com