Coming to America!


My long time dream is coming true! I've got tickets to NYC for September. Yey! So, all you New Yorkers, if you´ve got ideas on what shops, exibitions, parties, restaurants, cafes a DIY-eco-fashionista should visit, drop me a line. I´d love to know your hot-spots in the city. Btw.. Trying to figure out a Fashion Week-worthy travel wardrobe will be a challenge.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. How perfect! Certainly one of your shredded Marimekkos will fit in beautifully, yes?

  2. Oh my gosh, how wonderful! Actually your work is runway worthy already. Oh how I anticipate getting to see what you choose for your wardrobe for the week. Have a blast! Jane

  3. So exciting!!!! Congratulations!

  4. I just came back from my trip to America-NYC is AWESOME!!! You'll LOVE Manhattan!!! I REALLY recommend you to visit Alice Tea Cup coffee shop (but without the coffee though lol)
    The place is BEAUTIFUL and they had all this different vintage tea sets they serve in... It's on 220 East 81st Street,10075

  5. Here is their website too :)
    Ou,and here is another place I thought you might want to visit Filenes Basement-great bargains place for shopping .
    It's on 4 Union Square South
    40 East 14th Street
    Manhattan,New York
    I sure you'll enjoy it :)

  6. How wonderful! I'm so excited for you. You'll have a great time.

    Wish I could hook you up with cool things to do, but I moved from that area more than 10 years ago.

    Bon voyage!

  7. Hey I'm american and I've only been to NY once! have a lot of fun there!

  8. Oh I hope you enjoy NYC, I live close and go there all the time. You should check out both Buffalo Exchanges

    as well as a fabulous second hand leather shop

    <3 Sami

  9. Yay! Hope to run into you while you're here!


  10. Hey I'll be going in September as well! 4th to the 12th in fact. Perhaps I'll spot you during my people-watching. :) Are there any shows (fashion or Broadway) you're planning on going to?