Coctail chakra

George Chakra Fall 2010 1

Summer brides attention! Buy a vintage pencil dress and loads of tulle (stiff organza is also good) and some wide satin ribbon. Sew the tulle into a skirt (full circle as pattern). Add satin ribbon to waist and . Tie it on top of the pencil dress waist, just below bust. Instant update to an old coctail dress.

Inspiration: Coctail dresses from Georges Chakra Fall 2010 collection.
Photos via Firstview.

George Chakra Fall 2010 1b

This dress is formed from a circular piece wrapped around the body. Pinning and sewing on the gathered tulle and lace will take ages though, but totaly worth the trouble..

George Chakra Fall 2010 4a
George Chakra Fall 2010 4c

Also adding layers around the shoulders looks pretty sassy.

George Chakra Fall 2010 5a
George Chakra Fall 2010 5b

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Just want to add, anyone with access to a ruffler foot for a sewing machine would make super quick work of the gathering for the second dress. You're still on your own for the placing and pinning though!

  2. That wine coloured ball gown is divine. And I like the idea of the tulle petticoat as an overskirt, a new idea for a cocktail dress!