Words in the air

Paper word garland by Katie Did 2

Paper word garlands hanging from the ceiling made by Katie Did. "Cut out letters, get long strands of bakers twine (any thin string will do, I just have an absurd amount of bakers twine). Using scotch tape, tape the letters to the string, folding each piece of tape from the front of letter, over the string and to the back of the letter. Secure string of words to walls. Done." I think these would make awsome decor for New Years. Maybe from poetry or song lyrics...

This is one of the most beautiful selfmade Christmass decorations I´ve seen in a while (I´m not much into glitter but more traditional Christmass decor). Simple and elegant design. It can be made from felt, leather or paper. You pick your favorite. Tutorial by Betz White. These would look good made to a window ornament or ceiling mobile.

Felt Ornament by Betz White 2
Felt Ornament by Betz White 1

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I love, love, love those letter banners!!!

  2. I love this idea a lot! And it's great for any occasion! New years decorations sorted!